Management Desk

Director Message

I believe, if every child is helped to use her inborn ability in the most effective way, both her level of performance in life and personal happiness are likely to be improved greathy. It is in this manner that we make our contribution everlasting, a legacy to the individual, to the community, to the country and eventually, to the word. We strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge, within a dynamic and interactive environment, therby enabling our students to gain distinction and honours in their chosen fields.

Principal Message

Education is something that enables you to make this world a better place, that guides you to differentiate between right and wrong good and bad. It is that which compels you to take care of your parents when they reach old age, which doesn't let you sleep if your neighbor is in pain, which teaches you to fulfill your duties towards others, which makes your brave enough to always speak the truth, which encourages you to raise voice against injustice, which makes you realise your responsibility towards the poor and down trodden, which stops you from wasting water and which sensitize you towards the degrading environment.
Fatima Leyan Public School aims at providing such an education to the children of the society. Education that derives its nectar from the Quran and the sunnahs of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and is amalgamated well with modern scientific knowledge. Education that doesn't convert human beings into mere money minting machines rather it makes them more human so that they not only make their own lives successful in this world and hereafter but also become a source of help and happiness for people they come in contact with.