The Registration And Admission Procedure

A student's name will not be registered on the waiting list for admission unless the under mentioned document/infortion has been provided by the parents.

  1. The birth registration certificate(Photostat Copy, Issued by Govt. Authority)
  2. The school medical from duly completed.
  3. The latest progress report of the sttudent.

After the above requirements have been complete to the entire satisfaction of the Principal, the student's name will be registered on the waiting list for the class applied by the parents. The registration fee (refer Fee Structure) will be payable by the parent at the time of registration.
The registration of a student's name on the waiting list does not carry with it the guarntee of admission which will depend on the following:

  1. The student must attain the prescribed minimum standard in the admission test.
  2. After the student has qualified in the admission standard in the admission test,his/her admission will depend on the number of seats available in the class for which the student is registered.
  3. In all case where, in the opinion oh the Principal, it is not possible to administer a test, admission may be given by the Principal on the basis of the progress report of the applicants, subject to the condition that the student so admitted will be on probation for the academic year.
  4. The registration fee,(Refer fee Structure) is valid only for which the child is registered and is neither refundable nor transferable to another year.
  5. The student should be found fit for the class in which must be accepted within 10 days of the offer being made by the principal, and should the offer not be accepted within the period it will stand automatically withdrawn. The acceptance of the offer must be following payment by Bank Draft in favour of the principal, Fatima Leyan Public School. Bareilly.
  6. The vacancy will be confirmed only after the receipt of the above mentioned amounts and of the transfer Certificate from the school last attended by the pupil. The principal reserves the right to cancel the admission fee and the security deposit.
  7. Should a parent on his own accord decide against sending a student to school after he has deposited the above amount with the school, he will not be entiled to refund of either the Admission fees or the Security Deposit.
  8. The registration fee and admission fee are not refundable. The Socurity Deposit will be refundable on application when the pupil finally leaves the school or is withdrawn from the school after the specified notice has been given in this respect, and provided that the student has spent at least one term in the school.
  9. Vacancies will not be reserved for latecomer and no deduction in fees will be made from any period of absense during.