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Fatima Leyan Public School is run by JAMAAT-E-MUSTAFA TABLIGHI TALIMI SOCIETY jamia Fatima Jalal nagar Shahjahanpur. Located on the edge of Bareilly at arround 4km from the main city the school campus is located in pollution free and healthy environment. We provide quality education in prepartion for further study at........
Principal's Desk
Education is something that enables you to make this world a better place, that guides you to differentiate between right and wrong ... good and bad. It is that which compels you to take care of your parents when they reach old age, which doesn't let you sleep if your neighbor is in pain, which teaches you to fulfill your duties towards others, which makes your brave enough to always speak the truth, which encourages you to raise voice against injustice, which makes you realise your responsibility towards the poor .........






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